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Salmon Conservationist Arrested for Blocking Aquaculture Smolt Trucks

Darrell Tingley, president of the Medway River Salmon Association, was arrested on the Port Medway wharf on Saturday as he and others tried to block the shipment of hundreds of thousands of small salmon smolts from the St. John River (New Brunswick) region onto a fish farm located near Coffin Island, Nova Scotia. Read full story here.


Aquaculture Debate in Shelburne Continues

CBC reporter Jerry West attends public dialogue event held in Shelburne Regional High School on June 27, 2011 and reports on it. Listen to CBC Information Morning Podcast here.

Aquaculture on CBC Information Morning

June 24, Polluted Waters: Local researcher, Guy Melville, says scientific tests show aquaculture sites have already damaged Nova Scotia’s environment. Listen here.

June 21, In Defence of Aquaculture: Shelburne Mayor Alan Delaney says the controversial fish farms in St. Mary’s Bay offer good possibilities for the community. Listen here.

June 15, Studying the Effects of Aquaculture: Melanie Wiber’s research the changes that fishermen see after an aquaculture projects has been established. Listen here.

June 14, Defending Fish Farms: Nell Halse of Cooke Aquaculture speaks to concerns about the company’s proposed projects in St Mary’s Bay. Listen here.

June 10, Salmon Association: No Fish Farms: NS Salmon Association President Carl Purcell explains why he has a problem with the two fish farms recently approved for Saint Mary’s. Listen here.

June 9, Fish Farms Approved: Two fish farms on Saint Mary’s Bay have been given the green light. Many opposition groups have spoken out against the salmon farms. Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Sterling Belliveau explains why he supports the controversial project. Listen here.

May 31, Worrying about Aquaculture: Karen Crocker of the St Mary’s Bay Coastal Alliance explains why the community group wants environmental assessments of two new aquaculture projects. Listen here.

Community Dialogue on Effects of Aquaculture, Shelburne NS

Successful community dialogue regarding aquaculture was help in Shelburne, NS on June 27 featuring marine biologist Inka Milewski and sustainable seafood expert, Rob Johnson. More than 100 interested citizens from Shelburne and other coastal communities dealing with similar issues related to proposed aquaculture expansion attended. 

View Rob Johnson’s PowerPoint presentation: Economics Related to Aquaculture. Atlantic Coordinator for Seachoice, a sustainable seafood program, also representing the Ecology Action Centre. Johnson spoke to the historic effects of aquaculture, economics, and the labour force in New Brunswick.

View Inka Milewski’s PowerPoint presentation: Environmental Impacts of Salmon Farms. Conservation Council of New Brunswick “Environmental Impacts of Salmon Farms: Lessons from New Brunswick“.

Listen to June 28 CBC Information Morning podcast here.

Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and The Conservation Fund Partner on Sustainable Fish-Farming Project

In an effort to make salmon farming more sustainable, the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) has partnered with U.S.-based The Conservation Fundon a pilot research project to grow farmed Atlantic salmon in a freshwater closed-containment system. Read story here.